What You Should Know About Blockchain in Africa.

TDB (Trade and Development Bank) in October 2019 the first development financial institution in Africa to complete a transaction using blockchain technology, in order to facilitate the import of sugar from India.

In the beginning of 2021, 400 million $ of fertilizer were exported from Morocco to Ethiopia thanks to blockchain technology, which marked the first intra-African business transaction of the sort. In fact, the OCP (Morocco’s phosphates and fertilizer producer) and TDB communicated on the matter early April 2021 mentioning that a conventional process would have taken 3 to 6 weeks, when the use of blockchain allowed for the transaction to happen in 2 hours. Among the advantages that characterized using blockchain in this trade are the security of the operation, transparency in the supply chain and low carbon impact.

How To Choose Your Co-founder

Launching a Startup is a bold and fulfilling experience that yields significant growth on both professional and personal level. Setting up a Startup is also a risky project, often synonymous with uncertainty and stress from constant highs and lows. 

One of the main reasons for which early stage Startups fail is the potential conflicts arising between co-founders. Therefore, a founding team can make or break the future of a Startup. Coherence, complementarity and strong connections between the founding members can be a real asset in the face of challenges.

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