A few months ago, the thought on the New Development Model was at the heart of our debates. Before the Covid-19 crisis happened and turned our agendas upside down and put our priorities back in order.

This crisis has also further anchored some of our essential convictions. Last September, during the CGEM Summer University, I shared with an eclectic audience, headed by the Head of Government, several ministers and the President of The Economic, Social and Environmental Council, some key elements that would enable Morocco to catch up and join the emerging countries.

Elements that should, today and more than ever, constitute the backbone of our new model as a State and as a society. A model based on innovation!

I was advocating for the 3Es: Entrepreneurship, E-GOV and Education. Three pillars that can be broken down into 7 concrete actions that bring us closer to our ambition. First of all, the introduction of the principle of free competition by relaxing regulations in order to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, and the creation of a Public Investment Fund with a budget of 25 billion dirhams over 5 years, intended for exceptional startups that are launching their activities in the industries of the future. Another essential organization: a public development bank for SMEs. Its creation and its actions will allow a new generation of national champions to emerge.

It is also essential to conceive the creation and financing of a national network of startup incubators and accelerators in order to support and catalyze their actions.

And among the central measures I have suggested, the substantial increase in human and financial resources of several institutions including the CCGand Maroc PME.

It is also essential to move, without further delay, to the dematerialization of the relationship between the citizen, companies and the public administration. Finally, we will gain efficiency by revisiting our educational system, integrating emerging technologies such as e-learning, artificial intelligence and big data. We must also focus on short training courses on the professional occupations of the future.

Let’s take action!